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BIM Collaborate - Lifetime



Autodesk BIM Collaborate facilitates powerful collaboration within the construction process. It is a necessary prerequisite for construction today. Construction projects are becoming increasingly complex, people’s expectations are rising and the amount of data to be processed is huge. To make building a model possible on paper, connecting teams and strong model coordination is more important than ever. Stumbling blocks that make this process difficult are:

  • Inconsistent design data sharing;
  • Just one powerful user for clash detection and problem management;
  • Information silos caused by unconnected workflows;
  • Important information and decisions are discussed in meetings or e-mails but are not managed centrally.

Autodesk BIM Collaborate connects the different teams within your construction project and provides strong model coordination. This is how you make a model buildable on paper:

  • Manage design data sharing;
  • Visualise design changes;
  • Foster cooperation;
  • Detect errors early using automated clash detection;
  • Manage problems and solutions easily;
  • Always work in the latest model;
  • Work with Revit and Navisworks users.

Benefits of Autodesk BIM Collaborate

Autodesk BIM Collaborate includes design collaboration solutions and coordination workflows to ensure high-quality designs arrive on site.

Design Collaboration

Design Collaboration is Autodesk’s design collaboration and data management solution for the lifecycle of AEC projects. It enables teams, both within a single company and across multiple companies, to collaborate securely and in real time on Revit and IFC files. As a leading solution for AEC collaboration, Design Collaboration helps teams centralise project data, connect their workspaces and collaborate on increasingly complex projects in smarter, extensible ways. As a result, AEC teams can reduce distraction and rework, stay true to design intent through construction, increase team productivity and accelerate project delivery.

With Design Collaboration, project teams can:

  • Manage the exchange of design data;
  • Visualise design changes;
  • Promote collaboration.

Model coordination

Autodesk BIM Collaborate‘s model coordination solution allows contractors to manage the entire coordination workflow between designers and subcontractors, including clash detection and problem management. Advanced capabilities such as automated clash detection and clash grouping help eliminate manual processes and enable more stakeholders to contribute to the coordination process. At the same time, inherent collaboration functionality and connections to Navisworks and Revit ensure that the entire project team works from a single source of truth about shared problems.

With Model Coordination, project teams can:

  • Detect errors early thanks to automated clash detection;
  • Easily manage problems and solutions;
  • Always work in the latest model;
  • Collaborate with Revit and Navisworks users.

Part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk BIM Collaborate is part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud, Autodesk’s premier BIM platform. Autodesk BIM Collaborate is the successor to BIM 360 Coordinate and can still be used with the BIM 360 platform. Autodesk Docs is included with Autodesk BIM Collaborate software.

An Autodesk BIM Collaborate licence

Are you planning to buy an Autodesk BIM Collaborate licence? You can configure your licence in the Cadac Group store. You can choose the duration of your licence and decide which support to add to it: (free) Autodesk Support or Cadac Support.

If you have any questions about the software or licensing options, please contact us!


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