Brother PE-DESIGN Lite Embroidering Editing Software (Lifetime license)


-Import Embroidery Designs
-Write Designs to Original Card
-Realistic Stitch Design Preview
-Print Design Previews For Use As Placement Templates
-Lettering and Curving Text
-Combining Designs

$ 199,00

Brother PE-DESIGN Lite Embroidering Editing Software (Lifetime license)



Brother PE-Design Lite Embroidery Software.

Brother’s PE-Design Lite offers extensive embroidery editing capabilities. It is suited for those who want an informative step toward digitizing images. This is a compact version of Brother’s cutting-edge software.

Lettering & Curving text

Choose from 35 built-in fonts to create your embroidered messages. Shape that text in straight-line or curved layouts.

Combining designs

Take personalization to a new graphic level by adding letters to any existing design.


You’re only a click away from stitches with the Auto-Digitizing feature. Convert scanned-in images to embroidery data in just a few minutes.


PE-DESIGN Lite’s useful editing menu includes such basic editing functions as Select, Move, Copy, Paste and Delete. You can change the order in which thread colors sew. You can also adjust sewing attributes such as density and stitch angle.

  • Create 4 inch x 4 inch or 5 inch x 7 inch designs
  • Import other embroidery file formats
  • Write designs to original cards
  • Realistic design previews, so you can see before you sew
  • Print design previews to create easy placement templates and reference sheets


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